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Canton Creek County, 270 in Gansu to stay low-rent housing hardship
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Canton River County will be as low-cost housing construction and allocation of attention to people's livelihood, safeguard social fairness and justice and promote social harmony a top priority, seize the central implementation policy of expanding domestic demand and stimulate economic growth in the favorable opportunity to actively fight the project, pay close attention to the progress of construction improve the program with rent, low-cost housing throughout the county is progressing smoothly. The county adopted a 县乡村三级 review, three public notices and in accordance with its own housing area per capita and per capita income level, size sorting of the "three audits, three of publicity, of a sort," the work measures, strict procedures, the sun operation, effectively be an open, fair, impartial, transparent, and ensure that low-rent housing with rent work smoothly. Currently, the first 270 really live without shelter in the town of low-income housing hardship to stay low-rent housing.
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