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What would you try renting Pension view: the full implementation of unrealistic
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View: the full implementation of unrealistic "Pension rent" the elderly in Suzhou this model has some adherents, but in the face of its market and supporting policies should be improved. Faced with this situation, we have to listen to how the government and scholars to read. Assistant Investigator, Liu Guixiang Suzhou Laoling Ban said, Suzhou City has 126.8 million people aged population, and there have been an aging population, elderly population aging, the elderly population of empty-nest situation. And with the support of the Social Security Model still needs improvement in the process. Faced with this situation, Liu Guixiang said, "rent pension" as "to the Housing Endowment" a derivative, the elderly may need to try. After all, the house as the elderly real estate, used to improve the rental property income for retirement life is worthy of recognition. The key is to do what. Hong-Xia Chen, associate professor of Suzhou University, community college that "rent pension" worth learning if it is the case, but the full implementation in Suzhou, this is not reality. "First, this model is the old pension renting their own property, in exchange for community care, which is commendable, but the old friends must be considered thoroughly. For example, the house is not rented out how to do? Their mobility, and who received rent? pension agency prices how to do? In general, the support is the whole community, need to multi-party interaction. " United States: "To the Housing Endowment," the originator of U.S. government and some financial institutions to introduce to the elderly "to the Housing Endowment," the "Reverse Mortgage" loans, has been 20 years of experience. "Reverse Mortgage" are granted to people over the age of 62, there are three forms of behavior associated with the first two, the latter handled by financial institutions without government approval procedures. United States, "Reverse Mortgage" loans the amount of the general principles of lending are as follows: housing assets, the higher the loan amount may be higher; older households with high loan amount can be, this is because their life expectancy is short, also a short loan period; couple households living the amount of loans than a single person can be low, because of its combination of life expectancy greater than a single person; expected to live The higher the value added housing loan amount may be higher. The amount of the loan will be revalued every 3 years time. Canada: Descendants of the loan processing real estate In Canada, over 62-year-old residential house may be mortgaged to the bank, the loan amount of 15,000 to 300,000 between the Canadian dollar, as long as you do not move, do not sell, real estate sovereignty the same, can be lived to enjoy the day years from the later generations when dealing with real estate off the loan. For example, a 65-year-old man lived in the property will be mortgaged to the bank, loans to 10 million Canadian dollars, after 15 years of the old "'re dead", the bank will dispose of their property after a 20 million Canadian dollars, less the 10 million Canadian dollars the loan, minus interest on loans for 15 years, the remaining tens of thousands of Canadian dollars to its income children or other heirs. Singapore: Three ways to be selected In Singapore, the Government requires the private reverse mortgage is limited to the construction of commodity housing, the Government of Singapore HDB flats can not participate in the construction of the reverse mortgage operation. The first, allows eligible HDB flat owners, lease all or part of the room in exchange for pension income. The second, larger for some people living in the original area of a retired couple, if the child is grown up and have moved to live elsewhere, an elderly couple can be replaced by smaller existing homes housing, and a large Net income available for as little old after the daily expenses, or invest in low risk products to get the benefits. The third is usually referred to back the mortgage. 60 years of age or older to mortgage the house to a government background of public welfare agencies or financial institutions, by the time these organizations or installment payment of pension.
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