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Export processing zone into a trade union of public rental home happy
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November 22, reporters at the Jiujiang Economic & Technological Development Zone, Export Processing Zone to see, the city has been put into use in the public rental housing district, the staff quarters neat and orderly. Public Rental Housing Area has become the new home to settle the workers happy. 24-year-old who are Hai-Feng Sun Chang, candidates this year in July to work Jushi Group Jiujiang Co., Ltd., is in the public rental housing rental. "We have rooms with 8 beds, 6 Bijiao Shu people we live with." In addition to 8 human and public rental housing also offers single rooms, couples room. Canon digital camera with the project in Jiujiang, Xu Yang Reddy polysilicon project, green crystal optical Hexion settled science and technology enterprises, export processing zones Jiujiang more than 1 billion yuan has been invested in improving infrastructure, the construction of public rental Jiujiang export processing zones Housing project, which provides 64 apartments to housing, 540 units dormitory, with 60 standard hotel rooms, 450 square meters of large supermarkets settled, 2,600 square meters of the canteen, public entertainment and a total of 1770 square meters two 14 rental shops.
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