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Shantou young people get married do not buy rent
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Prices will be lowered by the impact of rumors, many people hold out attitude by buyers, and even some of marriageable age to marry has chosen a new way to rent. This reporter visited the estate agent in the urban areas have learned something new Fresh matter. Jiang end of the year people get married, before he and his girlfriend a lot of new development on urban second-hand house was visited and selected, but when they shot the purchase will be financed, the domestic real estate market Playing a big change so that they backed away. Jiang said that although the housing market in Shantou, or quiet, but he estimated that this share price turmoil within the line will still be affected, so they talk or by being "set aside" the purchase Plan, but in order to marriage can be held as scheduled, they decided to rent an apartment transition. Jiang said that when such a decision, opposition parties at home for the elderly one, think this means bad luck, but after persuasion, old people Also accepted their "reform" ideas. Jiang said, "We certainly want to buy a house, but three to four million in a mortgage or borrow from friends and family come, is not easy. If house prices fell after the purchase, and that Blink of an eye to possible loss of tens of thousands, as an ordinary employee, I have ten thousand dollars a year to make such a 'shrink' a considerable number of years, my income is indeed difficult to bear. So after the dust has settled, or wait for prices Purchase consideration. "Mr. Jiang said that in his circle of friends, like him, worried about falling house prices causing economic losses to the purchase plan by dragging a few slow, or even marriage will be delayed. Urban operators of a real estate agent Mr. Lee also told reporters that since the real estate market uncertainty has adversely affected their business houses, but also a month early last year, three sets of business transactions, but it is very lonely now, fortunately Good rental business was good, many of whom are young people of marriageable age, the expected impact due to lower prices to buy a house and switch to suspend the rent. The phenomenon of marriage for young people renting, the reporter also learned that in the visit, as opposed to local young people, foreign nationals working in Shantou youth more readily accept this new concept. They buy a house with more realistic view Marriage relationship, in the context of limited resources, they often choose to rent, buy a house consider marriage. Fujian Liu membership supermarket operators, admitted that several hundred thousand dollars if all the money into the property market, on the one hand become a "dead money "On the other hand on their lack of liquidity in the business, and if there are good opportunities to invest, can only miss the opportunity, so renting is the sensible choice of marriage.
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