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Chengdu provides conditional employees can extract rent housing fund
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Cover all customer service home buyers rent more intimate - November from the Chengdu center will fund a number of farmer-friendly policy introduced Housing fund to give full play to the functions of housing security, housing fund to expand the policy side benefit, improve customer service levels, fund center in Chengdu from November 1 rent extraction workers from the formal launch of the housing provident fund business, and effectively improve on the employees, especially in low family housing revenue protection staff support. Will also streamline related business processes, integration of resources, loans, further units and employees to provide "convenient, fast, high quality" services. First, the rent can also be used for urban workers, the housing fund Chengdu fund centers have been through the housing provident fund loans, purchase housing and other employees paid the main channel using the housing fund to do to improve the living conditions of the protection of staff support. As of this year in October, a total of 120,000 workers and staff housing provident fund loans of 13.7 billion yuan, 82 million workers extracted 20.8 billion housing fund. Both urban and rural areas for the service, good housing and support, and two years ago, the first in the city of Chengdu Fund Center migrant rural workers, the group launched a pilot rent extraction of housing provident fund business. With the increase in rental demand for urban workers, Chengdu rent extraction Fund Centre expanded the scope of housing provident fund business, for the city in the great family of low-income workers widened the channel of the housing provident fund used to make the purchase but did not solve the housing problem by renting The staff can also use the housing fund, greatly reducing the pressure on workers to pay the rent. Basic housing needs of our city employees According to "Chengdu employee housing fund to pay the rent extraction costs (for Trial Implementation)" the provisions of rent extraction employee housing fund must meet the following requirements: First, work location, and location of housing provident fund deposit without their own housing; the second is not extracted a housing fund for the purchase, construction, renovation, repair their own houses or repayment of housing loan principal and interest; third more than the monthly rent the family workers (including the workers themselves and their spouses) on the housing provident fund deposit base 20%; four executive in Chengdu according to the region occupied housing rental time more than 1 year. To better meet these requirements the city's implementation of housing security policies, services, basic housing needs of workers to effectively solve the practical difficulties of staff. Extraction of the first to introduce shared the housing fund. The current rental market, there is a shared housing situation of people, but also more common in the majority of young people. Chengdu Fund Center launched the first in the country shared approach to extract the housing fund. Housemates relations can be extracted and the amount of rent allocated under the lease program, extract the maximum amount paid in proportion. Rent-free distribution scheme, with an average manner approved amount can be extracted for each co-tenant. Rent employee for Provident Fund in accordance with the rent-mentioned principle, can be extracted once every 12 months. Two sets of employees and their spouses at the same time rental (inclusive) or more housing, a housing made each one can only extract the application. Rent employee for Provident Fund, shall not exceed the application last month, employees and their spouses fund account balance does not exceed the worker applies for the twelve months before extraction of the actual amount of the rent amount, the maximum withdrawal amount each year shall not exceed 1 million. Tax Services window into the hall fund services Extraction workers rent housing fund for business, real estate management department should be first rental contract for the record, then duty paid local tax departments, and then can go to the Hall of Chengdu Fund for the service center for examination and approval. To ensure that employees conduct and property rental information, authenticity, business approval, the Chengdu center will fund housing authorities through the system with real-time access employees of the housing and property information. Meanwhile, for the convenience of employees, tax authorities in Chengdu center and coordinated fund, the third floor of the building located in Chengdu real estate tax service hall opened window, city workers will be able to pay taxes to the tax window, issue the relevant certificate. District (city) County employees pay taxes go to the local tax departments. Service tips: Rental housing fund for employees to be extracted to provide the following information: (A) the identity documents: ID card, housing provident fund co-branded cards (no housing fund joint signature card unit employees should provide a "proof of the Chengdu Housing Fund extraction," in duplicate, and my savings account) (B) of the rent act evidence: rent private housing, local tax departments should provide tax certificate issued by the general tax and a copy of the original one; bearing Zhiguangongfang rental management departments or other affordable housing should be provided with rental agreement or by the management center in Chengdu issued by public housing rent the original and a copy of a special receipt. Registration by the property management contract for the housing lease or rent the original public housing tenancy agreement. A single copy of the certificate of housing ownership, property rights did not apply for the temporary provision of the contract or purchase a copy of a record form. (C) the need to extract the spouses side housing fund, and shall provide the spouse identity documents, marriage certificate or civil affairs departments with the household registration book or document issued by the original husband and wife relationship. (D) the public housing fund can call the service hotline at 96319 or visit the Chengdu Fund Center Web site consulting, inquiries related to policy. Second, the public withdrawal of the fund held no longer co-branded cards issued by "extracting proof" Extraction of the public housing fund for past services, need to submit "proof of the Chengdu Housing Fund extract", extract proved to be a preliminary review by the unit staff, issued an audit opinion. Chengdu Fund Center from November onwards, on a joint card holders employee housing fund to cancel the issue, "Extraction of proof" requirement. Housing fund to ensure that individual workers can accurately arrival, Chengdu fund as soon as possible by issuing public are advised to telephone banking, ATM machines and other self-service terminals, card issuers website, Chengdu Fund Center site, and housing provident fund service hotline 96319 and other means, check Individual housing provident fund joint card information, if it is found wrong information to the issuing bank can be modified. Not co-branded cards for the public housing fund can hold my ID card to the China Construction Bank, ICBC and Bank of Chengdu related counter, unit can also be deposited in banks for joint collective staff card. Third, the use of a unified "personal housing accumulation fund loan contract" Chengdu Centre launched in 2008 housing accumulation fund loan fund "one-stop" service, the public from ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB, Chengdu, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank to choose seven banks in the lending bank, the loan business very convenient for the process. However, each trustee banks to use the housing accumulation fund loan contract is not uniform, as the early repayment of the management of business requirements are different, leading to differences in the obligations of public authority. To enable the public to enjoy the standardization of uniform service standards. From November 1, the Chengdu center will use the unified fund "personal housing accumulation fund loan contract." This will effectively regulate the business of housing provident fund management, better protect their interests. Fourth, the housing provident fund second-hand housing loan business government services stationed in the hall The past, second-hand housing accumulation fund for housing provident fund loan business services in real estate trading center hall, the public housing fund for information second-hand housing loan inquiries, payment is required in real estate trading center and the housing fund government services to the hall between the two sub-centers back and forth. For the convenience of the public, the Chengdu center will be second-hand housing provident fund loans adjustment to the real estate building site for the third floor of the housing provident fund government services sub-center of the hall.一手房 housing fund, second-hand housing loan business centralized processing, the public housing provident fund loans will fully enjoy the "one stop" be concluded peace of mind and faster.
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