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Decorate a budget: Spend how many money, what kind of home to hold?
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The metropolis before a lot of people are decorating calculates brushstroke Zhang according to the room area of oneself and oneself economic atmosphere: Spend how many money to be able to make the home so that resemble an about; Also a lot of people often are putting such question: I spend so much money, the home is installed so that the value nots worth; Return somebody to say, do I imagine a flower very hard can be 20 thousand yuan of homes installed what kind of?

Is the money that decorate spent where?

The money that decorate has two kinds of algorithm roughly. One kind is each place that decorate according to the family will calculate, can divide to be decorated basically charge is mixed can do can not make two parts. Decorate basically point to that part that must decorate namely, cover of top of the ceramic tile that is like toilet of the door, metope, end face, kitchen, curtain box of window, condole, central heating, ground. Can doing what can not do to decorate is the part that shows adornment sex is stronger, if the condole of culture wall, sitting room supports,wait. The method of charge of another kind of computation is decorate cent to be profit of cost of raw materials, artificial cost, design cost, company (the chummage that decorates a company, taxation) .

How should the money that decorate pay?

According to general rule, decorate payment program to be as follows roughly:

1. Prepaid 60 % imprest, this part money basically is cost of labor and materials;

2. 2 period money pays 35 % , pass in project date commonly half or the project has measured half to give pay, pay when carpentry work is basic and complete namely;

3. Last tail section 5 % , in complete, after checking and accept qualification, pay.

Should design cost want a flower?

A lot of readers receive a design to expend to decorating not quite understanding, have those who collect design fee, also have free, see among them difference very hard; Return somebody to think flat oneself look for this pictorial, let decorate a company to press the appearance outfit of pictorial, already save worry also be economical. For this, a director of service center of domestic outfit technology tells a reporter:

Design cost should close, the key sees an individual understand to what decorate. What is decorating? Somebody thinks even if clear away the home, spread door of brick, Qi Qiang, bag, it is technical work, skilled worker worker nevertheless just. But in stylist eye, decorating is an art, say exactly, it is collect art, material, craft, management the product at an organic whole, design be go ahead of the rest among them, the stand or fall of the design is concerning directly the effect of the product, this is just like the dress in bazaar, why some quality of a material are very good reduce the price reduction sale, still not be style old, outdated.

So common people spent design cost, what can stylist offer to serve again?

According to the view of this director, good stylist offers the design of engineering field not only, the program that still can deploy later period provides an user, for instance the lamps and lanterns of style of the color of furniture, color of carpet, what is waited a moment.
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