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Popular 2005 happy colour
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Seasonal commutation replace eternity is changeless, and the index of tide always is metabolic multiterminal however. The expert inside course of study thinks, the element emphasizes the household popularity of next year emphasize 4 big change.
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Profusion colour " dot " bright household
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Colorific diversity can bring the change that look brand-new for household, dress of fashionable dress of no less than has fashion colour variety every year, household also has fashion colour. Every arrive the end of the year, authoritative colour experts can be caught and forecast world colorific trend, release the match colors plan of means of main life style.
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Induce according to each big colour association and the news that cast a center, the colour trend of next year is given priority to with the concise, colour that reachs joy of feeling making a person brightly. With what differ before be, and neither one colour is highlighted especially, can regard dominant as colour, a kind of lightsome, comfortable, household environment that suits to loosen have a rest just is gone after on whole, convey thereby piece hopeful, up, positive life attitude. For example gules, orange, yellow, aureate, purple, pink wait for  of difficult a unit of length of magpie of border Qian Jian?
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Besides, because of its by the colour that plant or becomes diversity replaces onefold colorific position with deepness, make new fashionable trend. What become with purple and pink union for example is auroral, or will blue, green the ash that go out is allocated in waiting for color to join gray blue, celadon. Brunet department will be temporarily absent, and the light color air that gives a person relaxed, halcyon sense will be popular.
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Furniture weighs suddenly turn hostile cozily
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Furniture tide respect criterion incline to is muti_function with diversification. Stylist is in make sure furniture is beautiful, novel while, pay attention to use function more, design of do one's best gives practical, comfortable, artistic furniture product. For example, the log tea table with a piece of chic modelling, need to take out lower board shop to be on tea table face only " suddenly turn hostile " become a piece of chessboard, the person that let use on the function chooses many times. Useful still the rack at the sitting room, form by many regulation or irregular component, colour is gorgeous, because this can place article already, also can serve as the ornament of metope. Of course, a bit that this kind design asks architect opposite is vivid has certain observation and rich imagination, it is ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous only otherwise.
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In furniture modelling respect, although fresh straight line is popular still, but circle, elliptic, irregular line can be applied likewise among them. These curves are in casual an effect that can have to break up a space, and make furniture can more the design of curve of joint human body, more comfortable. In colour respect, lively colour is leading role, additional, transparent color also the idiosyncratic cut a dash with its nature, simple, chasteness. Of course, color of contracted white, black, cream-colored, log still has particular market.
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