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How to choose to decorate a company
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Take the people of new residence key at present, the plan crosses Spring Festival weather to warm decorate with respect to investment " battle " in the center. Before decorating new home, due a basic investment plans and decorate a requirement. The requirement that decorates craft of the choice that asks to include material commonly, construction, design requirement; Each decorate investment very different also. Accordingly, want to choose those who suit oneself to decorate a company according to the fixed position of oneself. A when choosing the home to hold a firm so important method is " check the number is entered " .

Standard type: Namely people is common decorate basically. If the ground lays a brick, metope brushs paint, and gusset plate of model of floor tile of cover of line of skirting board, gesso, central heating, curtain box of window, kitchen, toilet wall, condole is flat-roofed, a few water and electricity is transformed etc. If you maintain oneself decorate belong to this kind of form, can seek the adornment company with stronger capability of 3 two construction, the design ability to the company need not too care about. Should notice when talking about plan with the company the other side is in the actual strength of this respect and outstanding achievement, it is clear that oneself requirement also should be conveyed adequately.

Intermediate model: Show except what the part still blends in to devise an idea beyond standard type convention is decorated, include to be like furniture of top of artistic graph condole, characteristic to wait. If your domestic outfit is belonged to intermediate model, can search a few medium or small the company that has design capacity, this kind of company can satisfy you commonly the main demand to the design, and because portfolio is not quite large, the design construction that makes a satisfaction for you is more than sufficient.

High-grade model: This and intermediate model main distinction depends on material and charge for the making of sth. . If your decorated a requirement to reach this level, choice company is about very discreet. Because you are right,the requirement of two respects compares design and construction tall, when choosing to decorate a company so, the actual strength that should research a company and before outstanding achievement, the after service before carry out also is necessary.

Luxurious model: Luxurious model domestic outfit should be one has distinguishing feature alone actually, the work of art that reflects master style adequately. Want to have the design of master degree not only, choose the material of high-quality goods class even, want to have masterly do manual work finally. Such company is divided with high-grade model outside major demand close, return what should notice this kinds of company had better have certain and crucial stuff to purchase ability, stylist must be the public figure that has old design experience, and must want have special construction administrator.

Finally, raise a small proposal to you: Must not seek overmuch adornment company, lest look,spent an eye, final work often is returned not ideal. Additional, can say the market of on 90% it is good to decorate a company to hope to do the project do the project, accordingly, consumer and decorating a company to establish mutual trust is indispensable. You might as well the fund that considers oneself to spend tells each other, seeing a company is the plan that how makes. Such result is the money that the company made this, you also can get good program, where is what is there against it?
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