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A person of extraordinary powers with the most expensive whole world curtilage E
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“ is suburban the commemorative a person of extraordinary powers that palace ” is enjoyed for “ ambassador class by conduct propaganda curtilage ” , besides have an a 5 103 rooms, swimming-pools, private theater, bowling an a field, tennis court, parking lot that can hold car of 8 luxurious houses and 1 can yield the stable of 6 horses stay outside, still own the most advanced security personnel system, allow room advocate when encountering horrible assault, inside the penetralia that can hide at an impregnable.

Can be in global remote control is indoor equipment

Here live the guest can enjoy the marble drive a vehicle that sets central heating to, indoor and all system is controlled by the computer, can join anyplace in the whole world hold accuse. When although “ is suburban,palace ” is designed at first, it is in the light of country of active at that time Yu Ying the Arabia of property market buys the home, but when move situation is easy, development business points out, there already were two Chinas in past a few months, 3 buy the home to see a building definitely to 4 Russia and Australia, additionally again 6 Russia buy the home to also exceed property of a person of extraordinary powers to express to have fun at to this.

Suburban palace sees form

1, lead to a marble advocate the gate of road of drive a vehicle

2, the weather station that owns swimming-pool and big gazebo

3, apartment carrying a layer on the head has independent type flatlet

4, main hall and ladder rank

5, the basement that has room of bowling field, theater, car and mural court

6, sauna room

7, the main and outdoors pool that has artificial fall

8, another outdoors cistern

9, worker room

10, the tennis court that owns illume and thermoregulation system

11, gallant fountain is set on artificial lake

12, the intertropical garden that has shrubbery ornament

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