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After decorating, use, conserve has exquisite
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After decorating a project to end, owner enters the establishment that decorates with respect to the contact and goods, enter a try out, use phase at this moment, during, the possibility produces a few problem. Owner is in even the following necessary conserve undertakes to decorating in be being used for a long time, after this is decorated with respect to requirement owner understanding use, the knowledge of conserve respect.
Conduit of water supply water supply the first time use turn on the water, the likelihood pours out of colored water, after period of time, water can chase gradual change Qing Dynasty.
Acidity or alkalescent liquid cannot be used when clean bibcock, also cannot use coarse dishcloth or steel wire ball, can pull bibcock surface hair otherwise.
If decorate hind do not enter temporarily, need bussiness trip is encountered to go out after be being entered longer, or when encountering the situation such as communal conduit overhaul, best will shut into water total valve.
Electric equipment is in the first time before using phone, had better want to check electric equipment whether be affected with damp be affected with damp, plug, electrical wiring is safe. Especially the electric equipment such as ark of Bao of meal of water heater of electric jug, report, report, disinfection. The home appliance equipment that buys newly must look manual reuse first.
Light the way that switch must notice when gas cooking stove is used, open turn out the gas according to pointing to a mark. Gas master switch is shut before had better falling asleep in the evening everyday.
Ceramic tile ceramic tile wants often the clarity that clean ability maintains decorative pattern pattern, soft material must be used when Dan Qingjie, cannot use soda acid liquid and horniness brush to wash brush, can destroy the uranous face of ceramic tile otherwise.
Marble marble is natural and mineral, more delicate, fade easily again, when using, must notice. Do not let coloured liquid stop the surface, the metallic article that also will not rust easily places his for a long time to go up. Soda acid liquid cannot be used when cleaning besmirch. Want to notice not to let a clog pound its surface additionally, or with surface of acerb article score.
Real wood floor walks on real wood floor, do not go up in its with sole dilatory, can cause lacquer face to attenuate otherwise, shorten service life. Heel has Tie Ding, unfavorable above walk. Do not beat the surface with the clog. Want to avoid area of solar and direct illuminate. Clean floor should notice the dry humidity of mop, avoid by all means pulls the land when the moisture of mop is saturated.
Wood wood includes window of cabinet, ark, porch, bookshelf, door to wait. Should notice to exert oneself to do sth. when switch door window measurable, the door window that should notice to control a side early or late open and the order that shut.
The butt joint hits more frequent place, want to notice to protect lacquer area.
Join should keep lubricant with chute with cleanness, bedspring hinge span wants watchful adjustment protection, prevent to slip piece. The door window that does not open for a long time should note connection antirust.
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