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Decorate experience: From receive a room to water to change
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Delay half an year, becoming us is acedia originally during suddenly one paper informs development dealer, the everybody that tell can control a house instantly, did not adumbrate without public opinion, resemble music of piano of < destiny > in that way key stroke of use too much force, approach a theme really. Then size owner a jubilation, the day of flashy liberated area is clear weather, grass is so green, the flower is so red, the knowledge controlling a house that all getting ready is cast to the head completely behind, the ground of staff member follow the prescribed order that follows property blindly finishs each formalities. The problem all that this all answering that argue strongly with development business, property is ignorred. Everything is confused but quiet, all developing the control of business, allegedly our building dish develop a project the first times for this development business, but can take the psychology of owner hold so well and truly, let him remain invincible, must let a person admire really.

The collect of the village is collected early undertake ending, in again and again of the great achievements in sorching summer, brick, floor, indoor door, ambry, aluminous gusset plate is waited a moment etc completely all ready. Thank the owner forum of search room, let I knew a lot of neighbour through this platform and be become " the comrade-in-arms in same entrenchment " , feeling is strong. Still write down covey forces is vast and mightily flounder at 10 lis of rivers market of lumber of each a lunar month of 30 days, each other are calling a pet name, exhaustion is happy. Roll out our technologist above all: Black of pocket money, A, the backbone strength that collect picks. Husband and wife two idea careful, serious and responsible, the consideration is comprehensive, won neighbour people depend on and trust. Recommend the BLOG that sees pocket money, can grow knowledge.

My home is floor area 66 smooth small family, below the premise that assures quality, as far as possible cut expenditure. Till today, it is the 3rd day when decorate, ordinal changed a day to burn tracheal path, water, central heating and electricity (half-baked still, will continue tomorrow) . Tell the truth, oneself are right oneself door model the satisfaction that comparative, kitchen and bedroom take the balcony, the sitting room waves greatly window, every house Chao Na can enjoy sunshine adequately. After be being communicated with stylist, the decision moves hearth to the balcony, need to put cistern, work station only in the kitchen, consequently can kitchen and sitting room get through, make it opens type, the space can go out greatly a lot of, the lampblack of the fried dish is right sitting room also won't influential. The water that says my home changes, make complacently.

Water changes to also collect a project for the village, of the choice is Shanghai love health, press quote 8 fold (village owner forum went up to appear to love a few times recently health, ask argue true bogus) . If contact compares much word between neighbour,suggest, OK and collective look for a professional water to transform a company, come the price wanting is cheaper than decorating a company, 2 come water changes a company to have professional tool professional, do dozen press a test, sequela is less. Agreeing time is weekday in the morning at 9 o'clock, receive water to change company phone 7:30, the worker that tell already arrived. Sleep the dream of lie-in is thoroughly undone, hurry to building site hastily, 3 workers already were to expect a long time. The conduit place that needs us obligate first is explained with the worker, listen to their proposal. The worker allows our check the amount the PPR canal that they bring, altogether 24, every grow 4 meters, after finishing again number of root of the rest of check the amount, come with this gross rice counts close an account. After be being explained, begin groove, tubing. . . . . Among one paragraph is ignorred, dirt opening slot is too much, oneself and BF escape the spot, without right to speak. I think water changes a company to should match a guaze mask to workers, otherwise if things go on like this opens groovy dust to be harmed to the body very big. After cistern is installed, see a worker undertake hitting pressing a test, called pressure 8 kilograms, without the problem. Last a period of time 7 hours, ended entirely at 4 o'clock to afternoon, worker Dai is in eventually the spot, also did not have a meal midday. Add up to used 33 meters, open slot among them 11 meters. Consistent to the worker's technology and manner and BF very satisfactory (when my two rare opinions when decorating are unified) , the proposal that gives us considers morely how to can save a few pipe how more practical.
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