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How does not notarial will deal with formalities of successive change the name o
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Mr Zhang asks: My uncle died 2000, he is mixed besides my father outside the aunt, without other relative. He writes a will in one's own handwriting before die, appoint its the room hands in an all property right that are located in sea route of this city the Huaihe River to accede by my father. And my father also makes a will to appoint this building before dying 2002 accede by me, the will that they establish did not undertake notarization before one's death in its. The property right person that shows this house remains my uncle, and I hold two wills, do not know how to should deal with the formalities of change the name of owner in a register of this building?
Answer: According to the concerned regulation of our country inheritance act, successive and OK cent accedes for legal and successive, will and bequeath. Among them the will inherits to be divided again to wait from book will, allograph will, recording will, notarial will, oral will, but why to plant no matter the will ought to be to make a will the person is real the expression of the meaning.
The place in be being believed with respect to you narrates a circumstance to look, your uncle and two wills that your father stands ought to be belonged to from book will, from book will namely by make a will the will that person one's own handwriting writes. If you are about to deal with the formalities of change the name of owner in a register of this kinds of bequest, oneself think nonexistent jural obstacle.
Above all, you can apply for successive notarization to notarial place first, after classics is notarial, the notarial deed that issues by notarial place trades to the estate of bequest seat again formalities of change the name of owner in a register of central application conduction bequest. When notarization applies for at the notarization that accepts you, may ask you are offerred with successive concerned relevant material and evidence, also ought to include to ask two all are shown by the other heir at law of heir pair of testamentary authenticity are consentient among them.
Next, if be in conduction notarization process, two are not granted to cooperate by the other heir at law of heir, right perhaps testamentary effectiveness demur, bring about notarial place to make when granting to decide notarially, to ensure your legitimate rights and interests is able to come true, you can to jurisdictional people court mentions to counterpoise truly lawsuit, after undertaking cognizance to the case by the court, make notarial court decision lawfully. If forensic court decision affirms you enjoy right of inheritance to this building, you can trade to estate by forensic judgment formalities of change the name of owner in a register of central conduction bequest.
What need a specification here is, if you worry about the sentence that cannot handle notarization smoothly, also need not classics is notarial, mention to counterpoise truly to the court directly lawsuit. Of course, why to no matter be to adopt,plant the legal right that means will come to decide you, in the process that conducts relevant formalities, metropolis generation includes notarial cost, case accept the corresponding fee such as the poundage of cost, conduction change the name of owner in a register, this will be assumed by you. Li Yahui of office of attorney of Shanghai east justice's lawyer
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