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Decorate room " to extend shortly after service completely who will assume
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Decorate house price completely little close 1 million yuan, many millions of yuan, it is brushstroke to consumer a large amount of expenditure. Once appear quality problem or after service problem, the loss that consumer gets is bigger also. Can popularize decorating a room completely is to be consumer dispense with to decorate a trouble, drive the significant move with building energy-saving environmental protection, why cannot come true smoothly " taking baggage to be entered " ?

Decorate grade who can be distinguished?

Actually, decorate a room completely decorate quality problem to had become the outstanding issue in decorating a room to complain completely. In this second investigation, project quality and adornment material character are two projects with the most dissatisfactory to decorating a room completely consumer. They are involved not only decorate effect stand or fall, also drag in arrives the quality discretion that decorates material. City disappear is protected appoint investigation discovery, the material detailed account that the part develops business to be offerred to decorate a room completely is not quite detailed, great majority keeps a brand only, do not indicate the detail such as grade of norms of material qualitative model, return some development business not to offer material detailed account even. Although be well-known trademark,this one result brings about partial electric equipment and adornment material directly, but adoption model belongs to this brand medium in cheap product. And most consumer does not have the building, professional knowledge that decorates a respect, to decorating quality, material character cannot guard a pass, this also gave development business to offer an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage of practise fraud on certain level.

Compare with common housing photograph, decorate a room completely the mainest sell a dot to depend on making consumer discharges the suffering that decorate, implementation is entered easily, and batch is decorated laid a foundation to realize energy-saving environmental protection to hit. But look from present circumstance, decorating quality is the soft costal region that decorates a room completely as before, cause consumer dissatisfaction easily not only, be decorated possibly also again because of consumer and increase decorate brought environmental protection issue. Below this kind of circumstance, it is what decorate a room completely to decorate quality to establish rule already no time to delay. As we have learned, at present the quality problem to decorating a room completely, check and accept a standard to wait, only construction ministry comes on stage " commodity house is decorated reach the designated position executive guideline " , but this " guideline " it is opinion of standard of a referenced sex only, do not have mandatory. Visible, want to block the quality flaw that goes up to decorate a room completely up, need creed sex document not only, also need to be aimed at specific thing, specific details to come on stage but the operation, text that can consult.
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