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Legal evening paper: Land sells much home " rich force " the project is sealed
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Feng Xia) 4 when landed group announced rich force to will be rolled out this year recently new projects. Now, the reporter learns, among them Beijing beans land of project of village of each manor house already was closed down by the court. As we have learned, the one paper indictment of limited company of Da Yuanxin of incident traceable Daqing housing materials.

The company that amount to a source is sued say, double bridge farm the beans ground of 3 2 date, feed makes over field of each village ox to develop estate of Venus of limited company, Beijing to develop limited company to estate of boreal capital favour one after another. Venus company signed joint development with the company that amount to a source again the agreement of this ground. Daqing amounts to source company to discover this project after already under one's name of company of classify China favour, and China favour company made over his Inc. of real estate of Guangzhou rich power again. Farm of company of accuser general Hua En, Venus company, double bridge tell a court, applied for belongings to conserve.

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