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2005 estate policy echo of the personage inside course of study of 9 big hotspot
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On the 2005 China economic policy that conducted in Beijing a few days ago and estate development forum, listen respectfully of our newspaper reporter the speech of Qin Hong of vice director of research center of policy of department of Zhou Jianchun of secretary-general of branch of economy of land of Chinese land society, construction. Two authoritative personages are looked into and disclosed the key of land and house property policy is mixed this year trend, cause the expert scholar that attend the meeting and development business echo.  

Adjust a range about the estate policy this year, on innovation of policy, system, reporter reduce 9 big hotspots.  

Build national land superintend to make

Zhou Jianchun secretary-general says, the nuclear idea of land policy thought 2005 is strict protection farmland, have 4 main policy to this: One is basic farm gross does not decrease, ensure 1.6 billion mus of basic farm, 1.85 billion mus farmland. 2 it is to take up farmland applies " hold filling balance " system, besides compensation farmer, still need to take out charge to reclaim farmland. 3 it is the governor that begins to build farmland to protect from this year is in charge of making, assess a governor two index: Farmland is full have quantity and farmland area. 4 be perpendicular managing is executed on land management, build system of national land superintend.  

Add construction ground newly to make expense hands in the treasury completely

Zhou Jianchun says, to estate development was told 2004, land policy was to share macroscopical adjusting control for the first time. Right on August 31 last year the final processing of problem of management sex land, at the same time time-out adds construction newly to examine and approve half an year with the ground, these measure are right the development of whole real estate, to whole resource make up have major effect. Advance construction to want to carry out with the ground " managing use " and " intensive is used " principle. Basic guiding principle is to deepen land management reform, firm land manages. Construction uses ground policy to will involve new reform policy more very much this year. He listed multinomial policy: It is to prohibit pressing low-lying price illegally to undertake enrolling business. 2 it is limits of strict control industrial land. 3 it is property of change of industrial land application, execute be brought into the public. 4 it is every takes up of farmland must capture take in the fresh-take in new Party members adds construction to use fee with the ground. Previously local government 30% give in the center of, 70% avoid entirely, create disequilibrium of the whole cost that use the land so, begin to hand in the treasury 100 percent this year, return a place to decompose by central finance again.  

Establish fund of state-owned land income

Establish fund of state-owned land income. At present fixed number of year of land sell one's own things is 40 years, differ 50 years with 70 years. Land of sell one's own things of past some local government, use profit of 70 years of land at development of current government land and urban construction, there are a lot of medium cities now, particularly mid city has sold the rate that can sell not, how does the government do after? Begin to establish state-owned land to build capital from this year, bring into accrual of land of sell one's own things namely fund, after including to be, the government is used. Such, reduced local government to lay money with the ground, sell the ground to start conflict of such a kind of interest of construction, check greatly thereby the government violates the motive that covers an area of a ground.  
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