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Does the elder sister buy room little brother to live when the divorce does sist
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Mr Wu asks: 5 years ago, my unit deal out my favourable housing, the room expends 40 thousand yuan. I do not have money to buy at that time, via me the wife agrees, let my elder sister be bought with my name, up to now the house lives by my elder sister. The house did not handle property right card, the bill buying a house of this room and access are registered also return the under one's name in me up to now. My wife sues a divorce now, should regard our husband and wife as common property this room unexpectedly undertake breaking up. How should I do excuse me?

Answer: Because your husband and wife did not sign a written agreement with your elder sister jointly at that time, carry bright this room access puts in your elder sister 's charge, the house does the name that your elder sister also keeps when property right card in the future. So, if your wife does not admit,be the money that your elder sister gives, this room can consider husband and wife collective only belongings. Nevertheless, when common property breaks up husband and wife, should be with 40 thousand yuan accurate. Because, before handling property right card, this building property right puts in an unit 's charge all, not be your husband and wife common property, impartible, can break up the money that buy a house only.

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