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Build a department: Measure of management of special maintenance fund makes hous
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Construction ministry will is opposite soundly this year the superintendency of estate market puts forward -- ,

Construction ministry expressed a few days ago about chief, should develop construction around estate 2005, trade, the link such as maintenance management, refine each government regulation, strengthen carry out supervise, safeguard masses to close right increase, prevent and punish the corrupt problem in estate market.

This chief says, link is built in development, the key considers to fulfil project manual to put on record consign of village of system of system, project capital gold, residence uses a system, strict commodity house opens to booking license and contract to register the program regulation that put on record, normative administration action.

In trade link, should accelerate make estate broker administer a regulation, edit " urban house rents administrative measure " , perfect estate intermediary is regular, normative market action, safeguard consumer rights and interests.

Link manages in maintenance, aggrandizement manages the superintendency of the enterprise to property, make housing as soon as possible jointly with the Ministry of finance special maintenance capital runs way, prevent corruption and divert maintenance fund, maintain owner rights and interests and social stability.

In addition, accelerate construction of system of estate market information even, offer concerned government permission, authority to belong to register wait for item to inquire a service, release estate market in time to trade the information of of all kinds market such as the circumstance, increase the diaphaneity of governmental government and market.

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