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Construction ministry investigates and deal with sb the key cadre interpose tear
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Build a concerned controller 31 days to say, wanted to investigate and deal with sb 4 kinds violate the case that violate discipline stoutly 2005, advance Lianzheng to build.

These 4 kinds of cases are respectively: Leader cadre jobbery intervenes and have a hand in engineering trick to bid, estate development manages the case that waits for market economy activity; Interpose building is torn open damage masses change, badly the case of personal interest; The intervention program license, case that is other seek interest; Municipal public utility changes the embezzle in making the state-owned asset, case that damages worker rights and interests.

This controller is the party conduct of countrywide construction system that holds in 31 days Lian Zhengjian is set and make on conference of job of cultural and ideological progress afore-mentioned denotive.

This controller expresses, as the development that builds industry reform, its ran pattern of mechanism, management and method to produce new change, social interest structure presents new characteristic, because this wants to use the development of train of thought of development,analyse the account that the case produces, hold symptom sex issue, search construction domain to cause the place of corrupt behavior and segment easily, hold education, system, control 3 segment, push work of anti-corruption initiate cheap.

Liu Zhifeng of construction ministry undersecretary says in the introduction on the conference yesterday, arrived this year in January June, construction ministry will begin the whole nation to handle town house to tear open change problem the 2nd phase works, strive to make the historical bequeath problem of great majority is pressed lawfully politics get appropriate is handled, the problem that tears open change project newly to cause is put an end to basically, form code as soon as possible perfect, system perfect, dimensions reasonable, program standard of lawful, behavior, superintend the town house that reach the designated position to tear open change to run new phase.

Liu Zhifeng returns deploy construction system the working key 2005: Should continue to correct " deadweight money compensation, small in kind finds a place for " practice, hold to " compensate first find a place for, hind carry out remove " . Should be opposite soundly further the safeguard mechanism of dweller of the change that be torn open, unit price of comprehensive promotion minimum is compensated and lowermost total prices compensates a system. Want to fulfil town house to dismantle each system of change management standardization in the round, establish assessment mechanism, tear open change soundly fair show and system of hearing of witnesses, dismantle program of change administration ruling strictly, accomplish " sunshine tears open change " . Fund of the compensation that tear open change must reach the designated position on time, establish special account, special fund is special, full specified amount compensates person of the change that be torn open. Prohibit taking the charge that tear open change " be responsible for a task unit until it is completed greatly " means undertakes tearing open change.
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