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Wen Zhou applies heavy fist to control subscribe of interior of building city he
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Lukewarm state municipal Party committee, municipal government published measure a few days ago, market of estate of lukewarm state of heavy fist keep within limits fries a room to cross the phenomenon of fierce, overheat.

"In-house subscribe " will be punished. In recent years, lukewarm state city fries room phenomenon overheat, arouse each controversy: On one hand common people cannot buy a house, the person that has knack on the other hand buys a house easily through the relation; On one hand room city step by step whirlwind rises, on the other hand valence does not have city, wealthy person with " Qian Sheng money " , " Qian Sheng room " investment concept buys its room corner greatly, trade publicly to build mechanism, action of normative estate market, drive lukewarm state city the healthy progress of real estate, lukewarm state city comes on stage " the opinion that be sold about strengthening commodity house to open to booking and transfers management " regulation, estate development company is opened to booking into travel commodity house ought to show commodity house to open to booking licence to subscribe person; Advertisement of carry out building and manual should carry bright commodity house to open to booking the approval article date of licence; Especially estate develops an enterprise to did not obtain commodity house to open to booking licence, must not with " in-house subscribe " wait for means to open to booking commodity house, the person that violate is given about the regulation by according to of house property management department punishment.

Have no right to belong to certificate to must not be made over. The new regulation demand of municipal government executes a contract strictly to register put on record system, strengthen the management after commodity house makes work, before estate develops an enterprise to taste a room in distributors, answer to declare example of contract of commodity house business department of industrial and commercial administration to put on record. From commodity house the sun of subscribe rises 30 days inside, estate development company ought to be signed with subscribe person " commodity house sells a contract " . Estate development company ought to be held " commodity house sells a contract " since the day that signs from the contract inside 30 days, deal with to house property management department and management department of land natural resources register put on record formalities.

Buy the 2nd housing head to pay scale rises. To guide commodity house reasonable consumption demand, new regulation strengthened the management that borrows money to individual housing, the regulation applies for individual housing loan to buy house of the first ring to borrower, head pay the provision that scale still implements 20 % ; To buying the 2nd above (contain the 2nd) of housing, will rise appropriately head pay scale.

Xu Yuhua

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