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Investigation shows: Little room look forward to makes an appointment with 1/3 f
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Reporter from 2005 Chinese estate annual meeting understands, university of central finance and economics is opposite the on-the-spot investigation of 20 province of countrywide shows, at present of 34 lines city in Xiaofang look forward to is main financing mode is commercial bank of place of state-owned commercial bank include financing of credit agency folk, to the end of 2003, the dimensions of subterranean credit reachs 830 billion yuan in 740 billion yuan between, with in those days the dimensions of fund of collect of stock market illicit comparatives.

As we have learned, at present countrywide medium and small businesses has the financing source of 1/3 to be not standard approach about, interest rate compares 50%-100% of tower above of bank government interest rate.

Wu Haihua / civil

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