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Buy a room to want loan to leave Chengdu of risk of avoid of power to prosecute
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From this year new year's day rises, "The living building that to be being carried out person life place needs, must not auction, sell off or pay a debt in kind or by labour " judicatory explanation begins go into effect. Our newspaper ever reported Chengdu a few days ago a few silver-colored behavior are on guard risk, came on stage " only one flatlet does not grant to borrow money " regulation. Yesterday, the reporter gets an information again, be aimed at the judicatory explanation of top magic art, a few commercial banks had Chengdu again new the way to deal with a situation: The person that let buy a house signs to agree to abandon undertaking seeking the declaration that appeal to to building droit!

Yesterday, the reporter receives wire cable to say, chengdu enrolled merchant bank to increase new link when conduction housing mortgages loan: Rose on January 1 from this year, always deal with housing to mortgage the person buy a house of loan in the bank that enrol business, besides should need to fill in as usual outside mortgaging the relevant data such as loan contract, still must fill in " declaration " . "Declaration " in in order to buy a house person name puts forward " the circumstance that if the room borrows money to appear,cannot pay on schedule, the power to prosecute of the ownership of only living building that the person that buy a house will abandon needing to life place of one's own accord " . That is to say, according to statement of this one paper, should appear cannot pay on schedule when mortgaging a month to offer, the person that buy a house will be termless abandon be in " top people court about people court civil in carrying out, close down, the sequestered, regulation that freezes property " in the droit to only residence.

Reporter immediately interviewed the Chengdu City many commercial bank. At present the industrial and commercial bank of the Chengdu City has not been united publish relevant measure, but many subbranch of a bank of its subordinate already began to adopt ego to protect the operation -- , when the person that the requirement buys a house is borrowing money, fill in be similar to the bank that enrol business " declaration " thing, headquarters of industrial and commercial bank approbates a manner to be held to visit, say to will publish risk of unified relevant measure avoid before long. And agricultural bank also begins to take similar move to commercial loan of the residence. Occupy a personage inside course of study to analyse, the likelihood is after the Spring Festival, each person big commercial bank will let buy a house of Chengdu fills in similar such " declaration " , will be on guard the room shifts a risk.

To this, room of one commercial bank borrows department chief to divulge, chengdu is not little bank from last year actually second half of the year begins to take step. And after new administration of justice explains go into effect, these measure will become guild regulations likely.

Another personage inside banking thinks, the commercial bank is not welfare orgnaization, give no cause for more criticism of active avoid risk. New administration of justice explains the problem that produces possibly in carry out, should cause the attention of concerned respect. And the person that the requirement commerce housing that bank respect makes borrows money is signed " declaration " practice, actually main purpose is an action of a kind of caution, if encounter the case that still cannot borrow really, law of specific place buy still wants the relevant adjudication of basis court.
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