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Expert proposal: Avoid the home to hold issue 3 big a magic weapon
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Hold issue of the generation in the process to avoid to be in the home, want to remind agreement both sides here:

1, value the contract rise. Because a lot of problems go,be in the contract, so, proposal agreement both sides is before autograph contract, it is clear to must produce the content of the contract must produce the content of the contract, each each, one word does not fall. And adornment corporation is responsible tell a client, what does each contract provision mean after all. Consumer was opposite the contract is done adequately before understanding, no matter the contract is big small, do not sign oneself name easily. If the accessory of the contract (if blueprint, quote, material purchases plan, construction plan) did not allow completely

Equipment is good, also do not sign. Because signed easily later, perhaps need spends more time to solve the adverse effect that brings without perfect thing.

2, ask green environmental protection to be put between design program. Committee of Beijing home outfit is encountered via regular meeting a few after be being decorated, the requirement detects the consumer of indoor air environment. And before this, they do not have the requirement of this respect. Actually, although this moment measures the content that gave harmful gas to exceed bid, very hard also what method is solved. So, must " precaution is given priority to, detect for complementary " . Put oneself in the contract to the requirement of environmental protection, put in design program.

3, fulfill a contract strictly to end till the contract. The contract was signed, implementing a contract strictly is must. Although have the demand of a few changes to contract itself, also must discuss with another of the contract, contend for those who get each other to agree. Oneself also should ask the other side fulfils a contract strictly. The legal right of such legal to oneself rights and the other side is a manner that bear the blame, occurrence problem also is ensured somewhat to oneself.

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