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Countrywide heat holds old city in both hands to transform " Chengdu mode " bure
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Will apply at rising on Feburary 1 " house of town of the Chengdu City tears open change administration to carry out a program compulsively to set " , caused citizens to transform all-time attention of the job to old house of whole town danger. A few citizens ask: 2004, the Chengdu City finishs danger old house to transform an area to amount to 2.086 million square metre, the gross that tear open change exceeded 2003, of the dispute that tear open change accept and adjudication volume all dropped than 2003 however 75% above, is such high old those who how build to become even if be obtained does the room change? To this, bureau of town house canal decoded countrywide other city to come round again and again first the old city of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures is transformed " Chengdu mode " .

Chief says related bureau of canal of room of the Chengdu City, "Chengdu mode " main train of thought is: Establish city danger old building to transform headquarters and its office above all, the large-scale danger old building inside limits of unitary organization executive the city zone is transformed, tear open change to find a place for a job such as the construction that use a room; Ensure city housing the center to decide for danger old building transforms the owner of the project again, hold the position of the part of urban operation business, facilitate with financial department butt joint, obtain a bank to give a letter, executive project financing; 3 according to " delimit 0 for whole, combination group, into piece transform " thought, differentiate gross for the danger old house of 4.1 million square metre it is 45 an area, with every piece the area carries out whole to become as a project piece tear open change; 4 it is plot after tearing open change to finish, hand in land of the Chengdu City to auction central auction; Its 5 it is money of project owner land after calling in preferential remand bank loan principal and interest, ensure the bank borrows money thereby the safety of capital.   

This kind " overall give letter, project loan, only door management, close move " operation mode, be proved to accord with market economy completely to run the rule by practice. "Chengdu mode " after be being rolled out successfully, had attracted a lot of before coming from the eastpart part, brother city western, come " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures " .

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