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How to put an end to decorate dispute
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At present all families are when new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion, want to do a few families to decorate. Concern the issue that decorate to avoid to appear in the future, you are in with adornment when company arrange with, be about to notice the following these problems:

1. How to maintain the qualification that decorates a company

Above all, the business charter that decorates a company " management project " in, must have " contract to do a job interior decoration decorates a project " this one. You besides should check business charter besides, the company has nod without normal office ground, whether can issue the respect such as acceptable bill, you should make an on-the-spot investigation carefully; Next, you can inspect the project that place of this adornment company has done, will evaluate its design and construction level.

Because carry on at present,the family decorates the company of the service, a lot of it is to did not apply for what the country promulgates to decorate " aptitude grade " medium or small company, so you must make an on-the-spot investigation carefully, lest be in an unfavorable situation,be duped.

2. How to affirm quote

After adornment company undertakes be metricaled on the spot, blueprint of company meeting general, and a piece of detailed quote single cross gives you, the row has above very specific measure with makings and construction.

After you are taking stuff, want to see a design whether accord with his requirement above all. Next, you can ask stylist to explain this design plan, e.g. the processing of a few spaces, the application of material. After confirming design plan, the price that you inspect the each individual event in quotation even carefully and dosage are reasonable. The meeting that the data that decorates a company to measure sometimes and oneself you measure has discrepancy, you are sure to ask stylist to make a specification at this point.

3. How to put an end to the flaw in decorating contract book

After you approved quoted price, regular adornment corporation signs contract of a construction or agreement with you even. In this contract, you should note the following problems:

Above all, the specific requirement that decorate and finishing date must mention expressly in the contract. Some consumer are in when signing a contract, did not notice this at 2 o'clock, give certain adornment company manufacture in a rough way and protracted time limit for a project " creation " condition.

Next, the specific brand of use adornment material or model must be made clear in the contract, decorate a company in case shoddy.

The 3rd, if you undertake in the project in, right certain decorate a project somewhat increase and decrease, must fill in relevant " project palaver is odd " , the accessory that serves as a contract is collected in decorating contract book.
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