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Domestic bedroom is decorated whether should declare beforehand
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Bedroom adornment decorates n/COL the head of a family front courtyard to undertake a few simple adornment only, when decorating (if do facing coating, wallpaper only, brush floor of wood of paint, tiling, floor tile, hammer to wait) , need to fill out a form to unit of building property right or property management unit only register put on record can.

When domestic bedroom adornment is decorated involve tear open change subject structure and when increasing load apparently, answer to be in charge of a branch to offer written application to the estate administration of building seat, what and adornment decorates plan must undertake use security by unit of building safety appraisal is authorized. Of authorized qualification, send " building adornment by estate administration department, decorate approve book " . According to the regulation, whether does the decision inside 20 days give since the day that estate administration department ought to hear building adornment to decorate application oneself approval. Without approval forbidden destroy main body structure, do sth without authorization to increase floor load.

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