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Area of lake of Shan head dragon
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Property type: Xiaogao layer residence Area: Area of lake of Shan head dragon The building has posture place: Chrysanthemum garden courtyard of building of 11 unit civilization 501   Door model: 2Room1Hall1Defend1The balcony The means that rent: A complete set of is rental
Look for a person to close hire (Be restricted the male Sexual distinction is not restricted Be restricted female) Floor: The 5th / total 8 [residence of small high level] Bus of along the line: Floor area: 40 square metre Hire: 200 yuan / month [the shortest lease: season] Pay requirement: One Ji Yifu Deposit requirement: 250   Decorate level: Have not decorateSimple and easy decorateIntermediate decorateHigh-grade decorate Establishment of form a complete set:
Water Kitchen Water heater Phone Television TV wired Report Electric fan Guard against theft Washing machine Air conditioning Freezer Gas Central heating Seal the balcony Broadband net Garage Proper motion garage Bed Furniture
More information: There is market below Enter time: See room time:
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