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6 action dissolve graduate close hire a risk
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To solve accommodation problem, the graduate that just crosses a school gate happens to coincide thought of to close hire. Resemble university dormitory same, 35 even 78 youths waited for means to go through post of hair of acquaintance introduction, network same below eave, continueing the social life of college age. However the society is not the school after all, the student that just graduates needs to face more real problems.

House: Add up to the building that lease to differentiate unlike university dormitory the standard is uniform, the building is new size of old, room, decorate, furniture stand or fall is different. Should examine a house carefully to decide to grant again do not hire, ten million cannot careless is placed, discovery of the ability after result occupy is very uncomfortable late.

Landlord: When seeing a room ebullient, signed a contract to make money with respect to sarcastic comments, do not contact even " the world evaporates " , present landlord also is met " seventy-two metamorphoses " . Hire the situation that landlord understands more before the room. Can chat more with landlord, also can look for adjoining neighbour to ask about the circumstance of landlord. Landlord had better be native, find more easily so. The most important is the connection way that leaves landlord, secure phone of phone, mobile phone, company for instance, in case occurrence what problem can find the room landlord.

Contract: The contract that rent a house is a year of one autograph commonly, that is to say lease is a year, and cash pledge and payment can exchange views with landlord. The staff member of house property intermediary introduces, they often come up against a few students to pay hurriedly to rent a house when be engaged in renting business, other condition complies with of landlord, do not see a contract sign even. Because just graduate capital finite and the job is fluctuant more frequent, when signing a contract, graduate should shorten the time that pays every time as far as possible, reduce the amount of cash pledge, if landlord agrees, best can agree announcement of a month returns a house and do not confiscate cash pledge ahead of schedule, after so convenient exchange labor is made change residence in time and be not confiscated by landlord cash pledge.

Add up to the person that hire: Although be the student of strong finish school, but life setting has very big difference, habits and customs also differ in thousands ways. Through friend, acquaintance or the network knows add up to the person that hire to might as well chat more. If encounter what get along hard,perhaps have undesirable habits and customs, offer departure as early as possible.

Charge: Cost of coal of water and electricity is bagatelle it seems that one picket, but a few addition also are the expense with not little brushstroke. The individual is used multi-purpose little very difficult consideration, pose issue easily. Had better be in when signing a contract with add up to the person that hire to agree charge pays a principle.
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