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The house property that leases the life piece: A suit that do not have debt rent
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The housing that has oneself needs to pay corresponding cost, but the cost that bears when place is exorbitant, and when market prospect is judged hard, rent a house actually also can yet be regarded as a kind of right choice.

" of undeserved " Fang Nu is very relaxed

Although darling is about to arrive worldly, dan Chenxin (the person that should interview asks to be alias, be the same as below) change a room without the plan.

Chen Xin lives in an one room now indoor, he is bought before 3 years, two people living problem is not very great, but if parents lets come over to help after baby is born,attend, this small bedroom can become close-packed apparently. Although bilateral parents thinks they should buy a two houses before baby is born, such facilitating arrangement in the future life. Nevertheless Chen Xin thinks to buy room burden now still is too big, can wait a moment again.

He calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, serve as with 500 thousand yuan head pay, want to buy two houses in Shanghai, return the word of a sector of an area of give attention to two or morethings at the same time, must consider the area between line of link of China and foreign countries to choose. Besides head outside Fu Zhi, still can involve a lot of charge, like commission (buy secondhand room) , taxes, bank is leasehold incidental expenses of accrual, change the name of owner in a register, if be wool embryo room, increase to decorate and acquire even the charge of furniture, holding cost adds up need 100 thousand yuan at least, so the budget that is used at buying a house should not little at 600 thousand yuan. But his existing saving has many yuan 30 only, he still needs to request " to assist " to bilateral parents.

But what the place that buy a house needs to assume is more than still these. According to Chen Xin's choice, be located in space of annulus of inside and outside two rooms, total prices is controlled in 1.5 million yuan, so he still needs what apply for 1 million yuan to the bank to mortgage loan, according to current interest rate level, leasehold deadline is word of 20 years, month all reimbursement specified amount is 7500 multivariate (law of reimbursement of principal and interest waiting for the forehead) , this will take the in part of income of excellent front courtyard. If baby is born later daily expense still can increase, this can make domestic financial standing more nervous undoubtedly.

Hire a room to be able to let Chen Xin achieve the goal that improves living condition however actually, and the burden is not heavy. Chen Xin discovers, the hire of two rooms month of space of annulus of China and foreign countries is controlled 3200 yuan only, and in-house configuration is very all ready, everything needed is ready of furniture, home appliance, it is OK to carrying leather suitcase occupy goes. That is to say, he can accomplish the expenditure occupy that borrows an in part with the room completely two rooms. "Why should I pay higher cost to do same business? "Chen Xin says.
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