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The expert raises rental house of " of sales promotion of 6 action " for landlor
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The concentration that the undergraduate graduates comes will make the market that rent lifts a small climax. As landlord, how does the characteristic according to this group rent his house property more actively?

The 1st action, outstanding house property hands in the characteristic of aperient benefit

The undergraduate that just graduates is not tall to renting the indoor form a complete set of the room asks, but because just enter a society, still not be familiar with new city, the rental room that makes aperient profit so makes their first selection. They hope to be able to live in the place with public transportation concentrated circuitry, can take public traffic tool to reach place going to work only so. So, landlord should highlight the characteristic with easy communication of rental house property when rental building.

The 2nd action, multilayer without elevator room welcome

Because firewood proposes a toast,the undergraduate enters a society still not tall, the investment that rents a house so also very won't tall. Say commonly, besides the village in the city, what the undergraduate is willing to live more is at present those build the urban district not to have house of region of elevator grown-ups and children earlierly at reforming and opening. The landlord that regards these grown-ups and children as the area should highlight habitant of house of region of grown-ups and children more relatively the village in the city is pure, live safer, at the same time relatively administration fee of property of village of high-level elevator room is low characteristic.

The 3rd action, reasonable price perfects configuration

Because just be on a society, the undergraduate can choose the rental room with family property completely neat home appliance commonly, but ask to the high-grade degree of these establishment in the building not much. Accordingly, if landlord can have these form a complete set in rental room perfecting, increase the reticle in the building especially, so undoubted meeting increases the appeal of the building greatly.

The 4th action, proper allow to close hire

Just have a job, still be in even apply for a job, the economic income of these crowds is very finite, they are willing more close between classmate, colleague hire, partake jointly hire defray. So, if landlord allows to close hire, this also can add cent for hack building, the form that hires through closing even raises his hire level appropriately. Because hire level may exceed market level a little, but because many people are assumed jointly, won't exceed this kind of crowd bear ability.

The 5th action, consideration weak point hires a contract

The undergraduate just had a job, often face the problem that find new job likely, because company position is changed, so living place is changed possibly also subsequently. To many undergraduates, the first job often is not stabilized. Accordingly they are willing not quite commonly one-time the renting contract that signs 1 year of above. Accordingly, landlord can consider to sign the contract of period of half an year with the undergraduate, raise rent appropriately at the same time.
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