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Lone woman is outer the proposal of a few big security that rent a house
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The following, small arrange the matter that discusses lone woman safety to hire a room to need to notice together with everybody, in an attempt to how the biggest the property that turns ground him protection and person safety, avoid to receive encroach with the loss.

Notice one: Check landlord identity and property right card carefully, avoided to hire a room to pay wrong cash however.

Notice 2: Expend to receiving water and electricity, send gas, send the personnel such as express to must check the status carefully, let the other side enter a room again.

Notice 3: Avoid as right as Zun Lin it is too good to shed a concern, and reduce crisis consciousness. Divulge the valuable inside the room or gold cannot be taken more easily. Should notice at this o'clock more in adding up to the woman that hire with stranger.

Notice 4: Nightly lest irritate,do not cry greatly burglar. If by day or opening window door, so be about yawp frightens burglar; But if be nightly, catch up with corridor again inside unmanned, do not cry as far as possible, lest irritate burglar.

Notice 5: When young woman comes home alone, want to have doubtful stranger to dog after one's death alertly. On night the way home, if somebody follows at the back of the feeling, no matter be passerby armour or doubtful stranger it may not be a bad idea, search an opportunity to let the other side go in front of you as far as possible, in order to avoid risk.

Notice 6: Precautions averts perils, had better purchase weapon of 9 appearance self-defence, if prevent wolf sparge or strong smooth flashlight, in order to make self-defence weapon. Chinese estate trades service website

And if encounter burglar really, below the circumstance that does not have better idea, abandon money rather, take care of safety.

Remind finally, after going out and before sleeping, had locked up door window, this needs an attention necessarily. Want females to raise vigilance only, develop wisdom, I believe, still can hire temporarily in this live so that set one's mind at in the house that come and of Shu Xin.


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