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The landlord after the new fraud that rents a house makes deposit first just see
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"The occurrence of police of if it were not for, I still do not know myself really already ' into bureau ' . " the experience that bag gentleman meets the person says him, he feels very rejoice.

Bag gentleman is to come staff of Hangzhou Wu work. The building that leases formerly expires, landlord called in house. Bag gentleman plans to answer native place to spend the New Year first originally, wait for the farewell after year Hangzhou solve the problem that rent a house. But, xue Tian enrages latter rain, let him wait 2 days to still cannot set out in the station. He decides to stay in Hangzhou to spend the New Year. He what shack in colleague home, begin to undertake through the network " find a room " the action.

The day before yesterday, bag gentleman sees an information that rent a house from some website accidentally. Release the person of information, in De Shengdong the village has an unused building to rent, lunar hire needs 600 yuan only. Bag gentleman feels the price, situation accords with his requirement, made a telephone call to the other side then.

"The other side introduces the case of the building quite enthusiasticly. Because of me rapid move rents a house, make an appointment with him to see a room so. " bag gentleman tells a reporter, they agree in doorway of a cafes meet and discuss has a detailed discussion.

After meeting, the other side tells him, because the job is busy, he cannot accompany packet of gentleman to see a room. Nevertheless, he can hand over room key come, by the bag gentleman proper motion is headed for see a room. "Do not be acquainted considering bilateral each other, he puts forward to let me hand in 500 yuan of cash pledge to give him again. After satisfaction seeing a room, cash pledge can be touched buckle chummage, dissatisfactory irrespective also, can return. " when proper bag gentleman pays cash, ambuscade in aside constabulary general " landlord " capture.

"Begin me to still do not know how to return a responsibility. The police tells me, the person before is false landlord. A person just had been fooled before long before. Also be a lodger that rents a house in earnest that run closing a village greatly the discovery after so called rental room, the room key that changes with cash pledge can open a door far from, and true landlord rents a house without the plan at all, also do not know cheater. Also do not know cheater..

The reporter is checked to police, the thing that bag gentleman place says is belonged to solid. Classics is preliminary examine, the cheater that pretends to be landlord with " Yang Jun " renown, release the false information that rent a house through the network, next in order to give false key kite. Explain according to him suspect, had made 2 cases that police already mastered only.


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