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Chummage of periphery of college of student return to school after the vacation
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"My home is far from the school, learn for convenient child, want to hire a cell on school edge, looked for several talents to find, but chummage is a lot of more expensive than last year. " parent of a student complains to the reporter say. The reporter understands, as the student in succession return to school after the vacation, the chummage price of school periphery also subsequently " when the river rises the boat goes up too " , rose generally 30% the left and right sides.

Ms. Shen tells a reporter, because the home leaves child school very far, to let the child the life goes to the lavatory, she shifts to an earlier date a month begins to hold acquaintance in the palm to seek a room in school periphery, rented an apartment on the side of the school before child military training eventually, "A month 260 yuan, disadvantageous appropriate " . In back door of Guiyang college of medicine in building of a dweller, the reporter sees a few students are being gone to in remove life appliance. A student that reads second year in high school tells a reporter, he has been hired here, the landlord after putting summer vacation to come back this year says chummage wants to add 50 yuan. Without method, the house of school periphery is bad to search, be obliged to promise landlord to hand in these 50 yuan more finally.

Occupy Guiyang politics to start estate broker limited company relevant data statistic shows, the region house that Guiyang school gathers together since this month trades on average hire is compared on lunar the corresponding period rose 20% , 40% , and went up last year be in only 10% the left and right sides. "Last year 140, 180 yuan house, went up this year 180, 250 yuan, especially dweller building, rise generally 30% above.

Near Guiyang college of medicine in one village, a landlord tells a reporter to say: "The person that hires a room is very much, one have several batches of people to rent a house in the day, you do not want natural somebody to be being grabbed should. On the other hand, rise as prices, the house is safeguarded, the charge such as the salary of wholesome personnel as rise, chummage nature also must rise. Chummage nature also must rise..


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