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The building rents hot issue also grow in quantity rents a house 3 large issue s
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Rent the market as big city house gradually hot, to it relevant dispute also is added gradually much. Whether do the area size of the chummage problem during this kind of dispute basically is centered in house-owner replace, rental room and rental contract have legal effectiveness to wait for tripartite face. To this, the court was made relevant remind.

House-owner replace hire should additional agreement


The Hou Mou that reports Shanghai according to news morning paper and Wang Mou were signed in March 2005 " Shanghai
Contract of city estate business " , conventional Wang Mou founds a state this city on the west the one flatlet house on the road makes over Hou Mou, the building makes over money paid for something purchased or received for something sold to be more than yuan 200. Because this building has the contract that rent, both sides still agreed the hire of this building is in Hou Mou is enjoyed by Wang Mou before money of paid and whole house, in Hou Mou enjoy by Hou Mou after money of paid and whole house.

Hou Mou as agreed upon on April 15, 2005 before paid all house money. According to contract agreement, from April 15, 2005 later this building hire should be enjoyed by Hou Mou, but Wang Mou do sth without authorization was taken away from tenant place came on April 15, 2005 the hire May 31, 2005 more than yuan 8000, classics for many times with Wang Mou bargaining, wang Mou insists not to agree to return still, reason Hou Mou sues requirement Wang Mou to return return this building to came on April 15, 2005 the hire May 31, 2005 more than yuan 8000. Wang Mou argue says, he is based on the original contract that rent to tenant collection the hire before May 31, 2005 more than yuan 8000, do not have a relation with Hou Mou. Hou Mou should raise the requirement that hire pays to tenant, and should not put forward to Wang Mou.

The court reminds

After the court is tried, think, when because both sides is in,signing business contract, this building sets the contract that rent, both sides is special in contract complement clause agreed the hire of this building enjoys authority issue, reason court supported Hou Mou's appeal. To this, the court reminds, to house-owner occurrence change, and the case that this room has the concern that rent again, new old house-owner should undertake making clear conventional to hire problem, lest pose issue.

The area that rent a house is to point to floor area commonly


The agreement that when renting a house, accumulates to building face is usable floor area or controversy of floor area existence after all. In August 2005, two people and Hu Mou sign Su Mou and Zhu Mou the agreement that rent, consultative agreement: Su Mou and Zhu Mou to Hu Mou bear lease shop, the area is 25 square metre, lease comes to stopped in September 2007 from August 2005, hire is every months 16000 yuan, the of all kinds charge during renting all by tenant burden. After the agreement is signed, su Mou and Zhu Mou are pressed paid rent about, hu Mou also to two people pay shop. Su Mou and Zhu Mou discover after acquiring store the actual usable floor area of the shop that rent is not worth 17 square metre, with Hu Mou bargaining, ask Hu Mou or is complemental consultative agreement area, or presses hire of actual area computation.
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