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Outstanding achievement of hot house bank increases the market of cold winter of
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Intermediary relies on to rent maintain bread

As we have learned, many intermediary companies began benefit October from last year stagnant all the time, support rents business to maintain bread. The gentleman of the Qin Dynasty of a business manager of all-round victory expresses, whole market is stagnant, if not be a building,rent this, he is maintained impossibly now. They basically make business sheet previously, hire onefold the month is controlled 20 pieces only, and their berth basically relies on the dimension that hire sheet to hold now, hired sheet to turn over nearly one times than before now, a month can accomplish 339 pieces.

The author from which the company of a few landed intermediary such as couplet, Cheng Hong, all-round victory understands, from this year the beginning of the year arrives now, the building rents this display active all the time, the business of many intermediary companies is very big one part comes from a building to rent, buying and selling decreases oddly very apparent with continuously low confused building city is concerned.

Building bank outstanding achievement exceeds anticipate

Not only the business of building of intermediary company support that rent maintains bread, building bank is to last more high speed grows. The author stewards from domestic home hair, gold and always peak bank of a few hundred years buildings learns, with continuously low confused building city photograph is compared, this year building bank it may be said is the picture that sends flourishing.

Since this year, the business development that domestic home sends is behaved very dovishly, amplitude for a time satisfactory. Li Peng of golden chamberlain general manager also says, from last year second half of the year begins, the business that gold stewards lasts all the time high speed grows. Low to speaking of building city when the impact that confuses building bank, li Peng thinks building city is being adjusted now, but buy room demand and did not decrease, at present major person still is in wait-and-see, this also promotes a building to rent the market environment with more mature trend. Accordingly, golden chamberlain pays firm interior government construction and business service level, welcome greater development opportunity.

Be less than half an year to holding water always peak hundred years, of building bank business launching since opportunity also is a challenge. General manager Yuan shows a peak to express, the eye that uses 3 class market will run building bank, can break through original a few frame not only, still can help owner and tenement bring the service with better more and rise in value.

Because potential risk is lesser,hiring a room to be valued is, can ease the psychological pressure that goes up to drop and be caused because of house price. In show level, rent a house to course of study of a lot of buy person for, it is a right choice probably.

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