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The VS that rent a house buys a house: Redound of small family capital 6% buy a
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Buy room be to one's profit, be still the be to one's profit that rent a house? To this problem, buy industry expert thinks, should mix according to oneself actual condition need, do according to one's abilities. And expert of many conduct financial transactions that accepts a reporter to interview thinks, be aimed at different consumptive group, different door model, the accrual that its are hired or buys is different also.

Doubt: Whether should strong finish school buy a small family model transfer?

Xiaochen just does not work, but the hope has an one's own little world that belongs to his. He was in recently sea bead some building dish take a fancy to a 40 small family of the left and right sides that make the same score rice model, but the experience that oneself do not have conduct financial transactions, should buy a house as early as possible after all or hire a room to transfer first, temporarily hard decide.


Consider from economic angle only, judgement buys chummage house which more economical, simple way is to compare capital return rate, return rate is lower, the specification hires room cost far under the cost that buy a house.

Might as well calculate capital return rate with should covering total for 300 thousand yuan house:

Assume this covers a house every months hire is 1000 yuan, criterion its year hire return rate is 0.04) of = of 4%(1000 × 12/300000; Calculate lunar hire to be able to achieve 1500 yuan, its year hire return rate is 0.06) of = of 6%(1500 × 12/300000, the duty that still buys a room to need to pay without computation negative, furniture, decorate wait for cost.

Expert proposal:

Huang Fang of analyst of conduct financial transactions of Guangzhou industrial and commercial bank points out, generally speaking, the youth month income that just works is controlled in 3000 yuan, deduct living cost, general every months of at hand is OK the fund that the palm controls is controlled about 1500 yuan. Current for the hire price of Guangzhou, the undergraduate of strong finish school still rents a house, close especially hire compare be to one's profit.


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