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The graduate height that rent a house rents a house to the white-collar again ho
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Hire a room to also want to pay attention to " climate favourable geographical position " , climate, it is right time; Favourable geographical position, it is likely a sector of an area. If before two are decided, the lease accident that still can pass house itself, furniture is deployed because of,wait always and landlord bargain. Limited company studies industry of the professional personage that the reporter covered estate, all-round victory buy department manager Zhou Feng (guest of Zhou Feng rich, week summit news, zhou Feng says) , let him be raised for the reader action.

Escape rents a house rush hour

From the time that rents a house paragraph in light of, of principal escape is a year for two times wide hand in meeting. Annual mixed in April in October during Fair, of Guangzhou short rent a house very hot. In wide fall a month, many landlord and owner already be eager for doing sth, use at hack to grow at ordinary times rent a house, obligate comes out to regard as short hire a room to be in wide hand in rent with high price during the meeting, hire valence to be met at least drive up 15% ~ 18% .

Mr Zheng that just began to run the short business that rent a house March this year says, wide fall a month before the meeting inside, he has come out room obligate, the plan is in wide hand in raise the price during the meeting every night 240 yuan, than one times taller at ordinary times. He says, if wide hand in can live every night during the meeting full, answer this doing not have one year problem.

Week director says, as a result of wide hand in during the meeting of the building hire valence to be fastened with equal equation of time bigger, no matter grow,hire short hire, should avoid annual this fastigium. And in wide hand in after the meeting mix at the beginning of May at the beginning of November, each honest business traveler can be retreated gradually hire, at this moment house price also can follow gradually fall after a rise, landlord can grow the short instead that rent a house hire a room to rent, this time, hire the gold period of the room just about.


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