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Do not hire a house carefully to pay rent twice
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The reporter checks a report:

Golden gentleman is Anhui person, work in road bridge. Before paragraph time, he bought a tricycle, the plan places ground booth to sell books.

Thing after be all set, golden gentleman begins to search the optimal location of the booth that place the ground, spread out the dot was not found, found one office good building accidentally however. "I see an information renting a house that is stuck on the wall, 100 yuan a month. 100 yuan a month..

Just began deal, needing capital, can save so with respect to the province, so cheap house the meaning of alloy gentleman. Golden gentleman found landlord according to the connection means above, saw a room. The room is in first floor, bigger, tricycle in and out is more convenient, hire immediately so came down.

Golden gentleman paid rent of a year according to the requirement, 1200 yuan. But smooth and steady day has done not have a few days, the trouble came. "Probably after 56 days, an A mother-in-law finds me, let me pay rent. Let me pay rent..

"Am I to paid rent of a year? How to still want to me? " golden gentleman feels very strange. But A mother-in-law says, she is landlord, golden gentleman did not pay rent.

"So who is the person that hires my house? " after golden gentleman Xiang Apo was described one time, a mother-in-law tells him, then the individual is hired before, had not known where to go to now. As expected, golden gentleman dials that again, had not contacted went up.

A mother-in-law still tells gold the sir, the lunar hire before this house is 160 yuan, had gone up now 200 yuan, 100 yuan price affirmation is incorrect.

"Think carefully, so big house month hire is 100 yuan impossible. " golden gentleman regrets the ground says, should not consider petty gain only really at the outset and was duped.


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