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Buy line of business is advisory: Secondhand economy is applicable Fang Yingru w
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From partial economy applicable room is accorded with full 5 years deadline appears on the market since trading terms, appear on the market again volume of source of applicable room room rises trading economy range is more distinct, go up 56.3% ; Range of client demand growth is bigger, go up nearly 1.3 times; Clinch a deal the amount is small go up raise, grow 15.7% , secondhand market of applicable house business cast off economy gradually cool situation. Nevertheless, a few owner and consumer are applicable to economy the room appears on the market again trading policy not very clear, this print asks " I love my home " house property expert how does applicable room appear on the market again with respect to economy the problem that has business undertook is as follows analytic:  

How to sell already bought economy applicable room  

Current, making work already bought economy applicable room divides kind of circumstance processing commonly: One kind is to had lived full 5 years, another kind is to have not live full 5 years. To how be being calculated " live full 5 years " time problem, the expert points out: This is with buying a house the family obtains agree duty the time of duty paid proof or economy are applicable the time sending card of card is housing building droit accurate. Two certificate can offer anyone to decide economy is applicable by the family that buy a house the living time of the room.  

Had lived full economy of 5 years is applicable room  

Relevant provision: Full to living economy of 5 years is applicable room, owner is OK now according to is current market price case undertakes selling, but the owner after selling needs to clinch a deal by the building of the forehead 10% fill pay integrated cost.  

Analytic: An area is 2650 yuan for the 95 square metre, original price that buy a house / the economy of square metre is applicable room, if press,show market price 3600 yuan / square metre undertakes selling, need to fill the integrated cost that pays 34200 yuan.  

Sell remind: Owner sells by market price case economy cannot buy economy again after applicable housing the housing of applicable housing and other safeguard property.  

Have not live full economy of 5 years is applicable room  

Relevant provision: Full to having notting live economy of 5 years is applicable room, policy regulation does not allow to sell by market price case. Accordingly, need to offer this kind of economy truly the owner of applicable room, can with not the unit price when prep above is bought sells, and can sell only give accord with economy applicable housing buys conditional family or by the government relevant section is bought. If if accord with a condition,sell a family,can buy economy again applicable housing.  
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