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House property is new politics the influence still is continueing secondhand the
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The reporter learns, the house property policy that comes on stage continuously is secondhand to the capital the influence of room market still is continueing, clinch a deal not only the amount is huge a dropping posture hard keep within limits, in " enjoy favourable policy about announcing Beijing the announcement of common housing standard " below immediate effect, public house trades is to drop more be bordering on freezing point.   

The information that released by duty Wu branch on June 5 shows, on June 1 around, the area such as Beijing Haidian, county is secondhand the room trades the difference of the quantity is achieved 7 into. The capital expressed of company of a few broker to the reporter about the personage yesterday, this kind of state did not get ameliorative up to now. In the statistic that loves my home in me, new policy carries out second half month and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, secondhand room source hangs out his shingle the volume drops 15% , the client entrusts a quantity to drop 20% , clinch a deal the volume is total drop 30% . I love personage of my home market to think, this basically is the influence that the person that buy a house as a result of the part can bring to policy deepness and future are secondhand of house price walk along situation judgement not Anacreontic, so the choice defers to buy room plan, the city after holding money calm view develops.   

Meanwhile, secondhand the room trades the price did not fall to rise instead however. In occupying greatly constant radical statistic, secondhand room all price already rose to square metre of current 6618 yuan of / by square metre of before policy two weeks 6213 yuan of / , go up achieve 6.5% . In greatly Wu Haibing of manager of department of constant radical market thinks, because the market trades,the volume drops cannot satisfy contradiction of supply and demand, bring about thereby rise in price.   

Make more secondhand of room market one disaster after another is, city is built appoint came on stage on May 31 " Beijing enjoys favourable policy common housing standard " in, did not trade to public house business tax standard makes specific explanation. This is meant, trade in public house before detailed rules has not come on stage, already bought public house to will be carried out by common housing standard trade. With a 150 square metre already bought public house to be exemple, as a result of historical reason, at that time buy valence to be less than 100 thousand yuan, and enter current secondhand after room market, its price will be in possibly 600 thousand yuan of above, if trade,be about to impose business tax according to tens of price difference of 10 thousand. This public to leaning house trades the Beijing of the situation that prop up is secondhand room market, not less than is pawn one club, and the public house of each broker company trades the quantity is approximately 0 also be in reason.
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